I’m a digital marketer, investor, and programmer living in Northern California.

As a consultant, I specialize in providing full-funnel acquisition strategies for companies seeking a material impact from online marketing investments.

As an entrepreneur, I architect web-based platforms that epitomize scalable, high-growth content production & demand generation models.

My core work often consists of build processing and optimization for large, architecturally complex websites and automated scaling processes related to content delivery and white hat link acquisition.

Outside of sitting in front of computers all day, I’m a frequent thrower of frisbees to my English Setter, find my zen with trail runs, and am a pretty gnarly standup paddleboarder.

This website is simple by design & noncomprehensive to my professional portfolio. I’d encourage you to find me on LinkedIn to contact me or get a better understanding of my experience.

Notable Work

Operational holding company that also engages in technical consulting for agencies specializing in both education and financial marketing. I’m founder and owner of this company, having a diverse interest set that includes investments in SaaS startups, cryptocurrencies, and ownership across 40+ white hat commercial web properties spanning 6 verticals. Kedge has grown roughly 11X in GP and 18X in organic traffic since 2015.

Innovative education technology company that partners universities with convertible media sources to transition prospective students into enrollments. I co-founded this company with a highly-specialized group of consultants to market pre-existing affiliate marketing activities into subscription-based services that leveraged greater revenue stream efficiencies.

Marketing technology company that partners with some of the biggest brands in the world. I managed & provided strategic direction for channels consisting of 3M+ monthly visits and $18M+ annual GP. My strategies focused on the convergence of 1) accelerating growth with existing properties and 2) acquiring new properties to both reduce competition and scale revenue optimization in a number of hypercompetitive industries including telecommunications, security, and broadband.

One of the first and most successful digitally affluent education marketing companies. I oversaw significant audience growth in both client-side and agency-side capacities. Integral in bootstrapping an entirely new portfolio of in-house websites that grew from $0 to $1.5M+ sustained annual GP within 24 months.

education dynamics

Education enrollment company specializing in student prospecting across numerous channels. I facilitated a ground-up modification in organic strategy across an index of high-volume properties that had been mismanaged, penalized, or were otherwise simply dated & legacy in terms of their technology. Of distinctive interest was the rebuild of eLearners.com into Drupal, which was one of the most profitable online enrollment properties at the time.

Leading provider of online program management to universities and an industrial pioneer in developing the marketing technology stack to support the OPM model. I’ve been a consultant in a variety of capacities with AP since 2014 and have worked cross-functionally with content, search, and development teams to build and deploy innovative demand generation strategies centered around their unique approach to customer acquisition.

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